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Last ballgame

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Oct. 27th, 2009 | 06:47 pm

Orioles 3, Angels 2, July 6, 1982. It was the last time I went to see a professional ballgame. It was also the last time I went to a game with my mom and dad...

For like 10 years, Dad had season tickets to the Angels games. We had amazing seats for only $6! First row box, right next to the visiting team's on-deck circle. It was really something to sit just feet away from superstar players like Reggie Jackson and Carl Yastrzemski; close enough to hear the swish of their bats as they took warm-up swings.

I hope I can see another professional baseball game in person someday. I miss going to games. The sport was a HUGE part of my life when I was growing up...



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